What to expect

Peezyheadz is a mobile salon serving Atlanta, Georgia. An experienced
natural hair stylist is dispatched to a location of your choice. Your
stylist will arrive equipt with all products and tools needed for your
service except for extension services.

Free consultations are offered via telephone or video chat. Call 404-
584-7222 to schedule your consultation.

Hair must be completely braid/twist-free and combed out before
appointment time. Please schedule a braid removal if you need help
removing braids, twists or detangling. You may choose to wash your
hair or locs prior to your stylist’s arrival. Some clients find that to be
more comfortable. If you prefer your stylist can shampoo your hair the
old fashion way in the kitchen sink. If you want a shampoo service
please be sure that your kitchen sink is available prior to appointment
time. After the shampoo process you won’t need anything else except
a comfortabIe chair with a low back.

Deposits are $25 for services under $100 and $50 for services over
$100. This is deducted from your service total. Payments can be paid
by clicking shop or via paypal or credit card by phone. Services can be
paid in cash, Pay-pal or credit card. A $15 outcall fee is already
included in prices.

Cancellations should be made by phone within 24 hours for appoint-
ments under $100 and within 48 hours for appointments over $100.
Appointments canceled without proper notice will result in a charge
equal to deposit amount.

Contact your stylist as soon as you know you want to change. Your
desired service may take more time than originally planned, which
may cause scheduling conflicts for your stylist. In addition your new
service may require additional tools or products that your stylist may
not have access to upon arrival. Please give your stylist advanced
notice of service changes or add ons to ensure that she is prepared
to properly perform your service without rushing.