Natural Starter Locs

The Interlocking Method

This method utilizes a crochet needle to create tightly woven locs. The interlocking method produces locs that hold together well during the maturation period. Unlike basic twists, locs started with this method can be shampooed in the early stages. Interlocking eases the burdens affiliated with locking soft or curly hair because the tight weaving secures the hair within the loc. Interlocks look pretty much like mature locs from the start, particularly with kinky hair. This service starts at $300 and takes 4+ hours to complete.

Looks Mature On Day 1

The Technique

The process consists of systematically tangling the hair into a loc formation. The hair is parted and interlocked from the tip to the root. The size of the loc can be customized, but since there is no use of extensions, the length of the loc will be close to the natural length of the hair. This process is intricate and must be done properly in order for the locs to be beautiful and healthy in the future. As with any permanent loc installation, it will pay off in the long run to have this done by an experience professional.

Service Time

The service time starts at 4-6 hours, but varies according to the specifics of each installation. Thicker or longer hair and smaller locs will add hours to the service time. A stylist can make an educated guess at how long it will take, but the exact amount of time is impossible to determine. It’s best to clear your schedule and wait patiently for your locs to be created properly.

Maturation Period

Although the locs look fully developed, they aren’t and should be considered premature for the first 3 months. before the hair forms into a permanent loc. Yes they are sturdy and can be washed, but still prone to frizz and possible to unravel. Avoid abrasive shampooing and color while the loc is forming.

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