Faux Locs

The Process

This process takes at least 7 hours and goes up according to the width and length of the loc. Because the installation time is extensive, the starting price is $400. Smaller and longer locs have pricing upgrades. Faux locs last about 2-3 months. Although they may look great at the end, your hair will begin to loc if left in too long. DO NOT LEAVE FAUX LOCS IN LONGER THAN 3 MONTHS!

The Variations

Faux locs can be thick, medium or small. You can also customize the smoothness of the locs. Some are kinky and smooth while others are silky and smooth. Another option is a messy bohemian look, which is the closest to natural locs. After deciding how you want the shaft of your loc to look, you want to decide your finish type. Below are a few finish options.

Natural Finish

Curly Finish

Wavy Finish

The Hair

We generally use Marley twisting hair for creating the loc itself and Freetress crochet hair to create the curly finish. The crochet hair comes in many variations. You can choose the desired texture of your finish.

Crochet Faux Locs

Crochet faux locs are different from loose faux locs. These are created by attaching premade locs to cornrows. The installation is done utilizing the crochet method. The locs can be purchased and comes in many variations. This process takes roughly 3-4 hours and starts at $200. The style duration is about 4-6 weeks.

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