Mobile Salon

Peezyheadz is a mobile salon offering natural services in the comforts of your own home.  Get your favorite natural style, extension service or dreadlock grooming without going to the salon.  The convenience of having a mobile stylist eliminates driving, waiting and unpleasantries commonly associated with salon visits.  Peezyheadz services are performed using safe techniques and all natural house products, Daisy’s Garden.  Not only are our stylists knowledgeable and experienced, but customer service is always priority.


Peezyheadz Mobile Salon offers natural hair services in the comforts of your home.  We specialize in natural hair styles, locs and extensions.  Our techniques are formulated to preserve the integrity of your hair.  Underneath every beautiful style that we create, is a head of healthy hair and a well hydrated scalp.  We prioritize nourishing the hair by using all natural Daisy’s Garden Products with every service.