Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids

Have it your way with crochet braids. You can choose loose hair or braided hair. Choose a curl pattern that you like, locs, boho, twists, and more.

The Process

Crochet braids are cornrows with extensions attached. The installation is done with a crochet needle. The process takes 3-4 hours. In some cases additional time is needed for cutting and styling. Generally speaking, crochet braids are not the most protective style. We do, however, implement a safer technique at Peezyheadz. This style lasts 4-6 weeks. Maintaining the extension hair is essential in order to get maximum time out of your crochet braids. This service starts at $250.

The Variations

Crochet hair comes in almost every possible curl pattern and texture. It even comes in braid, twist and loc forms. Choosing the hair that is right for you can be overwhelming. It is helpful to share a photo of your desired outcome with your stylist prior to purchasing. We can guide you to help ensure that you get the hair that is best for achieving your desired look.

Cuts & Styles

Some crochet styles only require the installation, while others require finishing touches. If the hair appears to be too full or bulky after the install, thinning may be required. Sometimes cutting, shaping and styling are needed to achieve a specific look. Sharing pics with your stylist help you to get a realistic expectation of what your service will be like.

The Maintenance

Required maintenance will vary according to your specific extension type. Generally speaking you should wear a satin bonnet at night. With curly hair braiding or twisting the hair down at night could help minimize tangling. Wash and condition your hair as needed. Moisturize your scalp and use mousse to maintain your curls.

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