Video Diary

A Girl & Her Kinky Love Affair

``Loving your natural hair is loving your natural self.``

Peezyheadz Salon

Atlanta has lots of great stylists. Be sure to choose one that has knowledge of healthy techniques. Peezyheadz specializes in natural hair, loc grooming and adding extensions.

DIY Loc Ninja Bun

Try this at home on your locs. If you have larger locs, it is best to do on wet hair. Be sure to roll the buns very tightly. Daisy's Garden Products will help your locs to retain moisture while twisted in a bun.

Natural Hair & Self Love

Daisy Mack and Dr. Pamela Larde discuss self love and how it affects our lives on The Live Exchange Radio Show. Daisy says that embracing your natural hair lowers stress and equates to self love. She talks about healthy habits that she is currently working on in her own life to maintain balance.

Loc Culture

Having locs is about more than the trends, it's a lifestyle. It's about being beautiful effortlessly.

Natural Hair & Weaves

If you are transitioning from relaxer to natural and you aren't comfortable with wearing your hair natural yet, you should consider a natural weave. Stay away from straight weaves that will keep you in your comfort zone. Cultivate a new expectation from your hair. Add hair that gives a look that you could reasonably expect to achieve one day.