Daisy Mack is a natural hair stylist, product engineer, certified massage therapist, educator and public speaker.  She believes in self-development by adopting natural lifestyle practices.  Her biggest passion is being a natural hair activist.  Wearing dreadlocks in the 90’s before the trends, Daisy is one of the original pioneers of today’s natural hair industry.  She started her salon, Peezyheadz, in 1999.  There she counseled and assisted thousands in transitioning from relaxers to natural hair.  Daisy believes in practicing healthy and safe natural hair, dreadlocks and extension methods.  She has developed numerous techniques and products to prevent breakage and damage.  Not only is Daisy passionate about providing extraordinary hair services, but she also has educated and trained numerous professionals and laymen on implementation of her natural hair techniques and product line, Daisy’s Garden.  You can catch Daisy at various speaking engagements, classes and venues advocating self-acceptance, holistic lifestyles and natural hair.



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